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Break of Dawn Cake November 12, 2008

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This is a recipe of my own creation. My intern is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, so I wanted to cook for her. All of the interns where I work are full-time interns who make (significantly) less than minimum wage. She always talks about how much she likes my chili, so I’m making her some of that, some bread (focaccia? french? I’m not sure yet), and a cake.

Originally I was going to make the Apple Cake a few pages down, but I was short some of the ingredients (butter, orange juice), so I decided to take a yellow cake mix (I used Pillsbury) and doctor it up some, then layer it with apples.

AND to make it even better, I decided to try to add a graham cracker crust. Since the mix was the beginning of the recipe, it was an easy cake to make. The hardest part was peeling and coreing the apples.

I’m calling this a “Break of Dawn” cake for two reasons: it’d be good for breakfast (apples are fruit after all) and my intern’s name is Dawn.

I’ll let you all know how it turns out tomorrow after we eat it. All of the measurments are approximate, but I think I have a good idea of what they are.



A Tasty Treat: CAKE BALLS/CAKE POPS November 1, 2008

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When I first saw THIS and THIS, I tried to figure out a reason to make them. Luckily yesterday at work presented a tremendous opportunity – a Halloween pot-luck brunch.

Though mine didn’t turn out as lovely as the ones on Baked Perfection or Bakerella, but they were a huge hit. Since it was my first time, I ended up making some “mummies heads” complete with little chocolate eyeballs. The recipe makes a TON of balls, but they’re so rich it’s hard to eat more than one or two. This will make a wonderful addition to a desert tray – just adapt the color of cake and/or chocolate to match the season/holiday.

The picture isn’t the best, but I think they’re cute!

A FEW NOTES: This recipe calls for a cake, and you can use any kind, but I ended up using a boxed mix from Pillisbury. I didn’t use my mixer at all, and as a penance to myself, I mixed the yellow cake by hand. In the spirit of Halloween, I used food coloring to make the cake orange. If you want to color your chocolate, DO NOT use water based dyes – they will ruin the chocolate. You must use colorings created specifically for candy making.

Happy *Halloween* Baking!

The recipe:



Dump Cake (Oven and Campfire) October 6, 2008

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Don’t let the name of this “cake” bother you.

I was given this recipe by my Grad School roommate Cynthia. From what I gather, this is a southern recipe, but I am not too sure of it’s exact orgins. She made this cake for us one evening, and we picked at it for a couple of days.

I’m not a fan of pineapple or cherries, but believe me when I say that the combination of flavors is AMAZING. Though I haven’t tried it yet, I also think you could substitute chunky applesauce for the pineapple.

I’ve made this for the Girl Scouts on the campfire in a dutch oven on our last two big camp-outs and they devour it as soon as it’s ready. Please note that the picture features a half-eaten dump cake with a Scout taking thirds!

Read the recipe below for your home oven, and special campfire instructions are further down!



Weekend Camping! September 30, 2008

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From Friday through Sunday afternoon, I’ll be out camping with the Girl Scouts.

You see, I’m a troop leader for a group of girls, ages 12 – 16. I’m not married and I don’t have kids, so I volunteer my time with an old friend of mine. It’s a lot of work, but I think it’s rewarding.

This weekend is our annual “Encampment” – as the leaders of the largest and one of the oldest troops, we end up planning a number of activities. This year’s theme is “Girl Scouts Go Green” and it’s all about recycling crafts (sit-upons, coasters, dog leashes) all made out of recylable materials.

I mention this so that you, my faithful (two? maybe?) readers will know that there will not be a post from me this weekend. I do plan on making a special dutch oven campfire desert, so Sunday or Monday evening, I’ll be sure to post the recipe, along with how to make it in your regular oven.

Have a great week!


Apple Cake September 27, 2008

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I frequently check this website to see what tasty looking goodies Pete has baked. I’ve never used any of his recipes, but with Rosh Hashanah coming up, I wanted to make something special for my mom.

This cake just screamed Rosh Hashanah to me ( it’s a sweet apple cake for a sweet new year). Pete’s pictures are MUCH better.

I just had my first bite of this cake and it’s TWICE as good as it looks.



Pre-Blogging Pictures

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Here are some pictures of things I made prior to starting this blog. I won’t post recipes yet, but I make many of these things often enough that the recipes will come soon enough.